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Marta Batmasian was truly the driving force behind Boca Raton’s Walk of Recognition Program which began in 1997 as a permanent memorial to individuals whose public service contributions have helped to build the city. For over 20 years, Marta has donated granite plaques in the shape of Stars and hosted both the ceremony and reception. We, at the Boca Raton Historical Society, truly thank Marta and enjoy working with her every year as we celebrate our community legends who have served the interest of the community and have enriched the lives of the citizens of Boca Raton.
Mary C.
Originally, I met Jim Batmasian at church. Week after week, I witnessed him consistently helping the most vulnerable of our society, listening to their story, showing compassion and offering practical solutions for recovery and a path to restoration. Soon after, we played golf together and I observed Jim putting the same passion and intensity in the game of golf as he exhibits in business and philanthropy. Mr. B. gives his very best at all that he does! As a small business owner, I approached IL to lease space. It was an easy decision since their real estate portfolio offers a variety of sizes to fit every budget. Soon after I became a tenant, “doors of opportunity” opened because of the amazing marketing and tenant networking platform that they have built which jump- started my business. A few years ago, I became in need, due to a serious health condition. Jim & Marta provided unrequested generosity & care which led to my recovery. Without their support, I would not be back to living a productive and blessed life. They truly care about their tenants, employees, vendors and even strangers. I am forever grateful.
Ronald T.
I am beyond satisfied with my decision to lease a commercial space from Investments Limited. As a first time small business owner of an Aesthetics & Regenerative Medical Clinic, I truly appreciate the genuine care, support, and guidance of my landlord. It has been a breath of fresh air to finally be in my own clinic in East Boca after more than 10 years of practice in this industry, and the transition was made seamless by Investments Limited. The IL management team has been so accommodating to me, starting with Kevin, my leasing agent, to the property supervisor, Orlando. Mr. Batmasian, the property owner, has been very gracious by providing me with a plethora of networking resources. He has connected me with his other tenants who have become my clients, as well as ones who have assisted me with my business necessities. It is obvious that he truly cares and sincerely wants each and every one of his tenants, who are small business owners, to be successful. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the Investments Limited Family and I plan on making it a long- term relationship.
Limor S.
I was introduced to “Mr B” as we call him, through a mutual friend, over 4 years ago. From the first time I met him, I sensed he was different; brilliant. It still shocks me how accessible he is-- even after obtaining so much success. He makes himself available to those who need his help. I am very grateful that he took the time to mentor me so that I became very knowledgeable in real estate. As a result, I own a nice little rental portfolio! He also encouraged me to volunteer to help the homeless and other nonprofits (many of which he has founded and funded) right along with him. These experiences have transformed my life in many ways. I used to pre-judge people without taking the time to understand their situations/history. I now enjoy helping others and I am grateful to know the Batmasian Family—they are truly an extension of my biological family!
Edward H.
Jim and Marta are some of the greatest people I have ever encountered. From the first day I met Jim, through the church and his homeless ministry, he has always treated me as if I was family. He’s continuously pouring himself into me, taking time to mentor me in business and in life. His leadership makes me a better person and servant to the world. I see the same passion in all of their relationships and throughout the culture of their company. They invest heavily in people to help each employee be their personal best. As a result of their servant leadership everyone grows--the employees, the company and the community. They lead by example--not authority-- and I am proud to be a part of the Investments Limited Family.
Erik S.
I have been a tenant with Investments Limited for almost a decade. My experience with the company has been very favorable. When I have a property management issue, the management team responds in a timely manner and in many instances, they do not charge me with unnecessary fees. Also, the IL marketing team helped me to set up my website, provided classes to understand basic social media tools to help my business, and had professionals present how to use Google and YELP to create digital strategies. It amazes me how the owners, Jim and Marta are so involved in daily operations and actually take the time to visit my business. They are kind and helpful to small business owners, like myself. It is evident that they care about their tenants and provide marketing tools and networking opportunities to ensure our success. I feel very grateful to know Jim and Marta and to be a part of the Investments Limited Family!
Marina H.
After graduating from Johns Hopkins University in 2004, working for Investments Limited was my first job out of school. While many of my peers went on to receive MBA's from prestigious Ivy League schools or join analyst programs at Wall Street Investment Banks, I received far superior education and mentorship from Jim and Marta Batmasian during my three years at Investments Limited. They not only taught me how I should conduct myself in business, but also in life, and the importance of giving back to the community and those less fortunate. I used the fundamentals learned over that three year period to set up the foundation for my life. I am currently one of the founding partners in a company that recently went public for $1.65 billion. I continue to rely on Jim and Marta Batmasian's guidance, mentorship and example they set in business and in their community.
Christopher G.
I have known Marta and Jim Batmasian for nearly 30 years, and know them as well as my own family. Marta served on the board of Boca Pops orchestra when I was Chairman where I learned of her many involvements in Boca charities and organizations. She is one of the most ethical and extraordinary women in the nation dedicating herself to many good causes locally nationally and internationally. I have never known a woman capable of doing as much as she does balancing business, family and community endeavors. I met Jim when he was going on the streets of Boca Raton helping the homeless. Every Sunday, he would meet with many homeless people in parks, behind restaurants or elsewhere helping them with many different type resources including jobs and assistance of all kinds. I am personally aware that he has helped hundreds of people or families, and neither Jim or Marta make it known what they do because they do it from their heart and not for public awareness or recognition. They do much more than give money, they provide leadership and direction. Jim Batmasian along with Marta started PROPEL where Jim would go into the minority community aiding young men and women seeking a better opportunity in life. Today that organization has changed many lives and provided college educations to many who had little or no chance for a future except for Propel and the Batmasians’ direction and financial support. I could go on and on about these exceptional people, however there are few people in the nation that do so much to help others. I am honored to write this letter on behalf of two of the finest and most dedicated people I have known in a lifetime.
Charles L.
I was in a devastating car accident by a driver in a semi- truck who was texting & driving which led to addiction and downward spiral. I met Mr. Batmasian at 1st United Methodist Church where he approached me with a sincere compassion and kindness, which led me to become a believer in Christ. I look forward to attending weekly church services and hearing God’s promises in the scriptures. Mr. B doesn’t always follow the rules of the Homeless Program. Nope. He showers strangers, the homeless people, with abundant grace and mercy. Not just me but hundreds of people have been blessed with free bus passes, bikes, restaurant gift cards, clothes, dollar tree cards and shelter. He has a special gift of mercy. He does this because he realizes that the needs are immediate and well- intentioned programs take time. Being homeless brings a shame feeling that often plagues people into a pattern of self- destructive behavior because they don't see hope. The HOME program and kindness from the volunteers has given me hope. Recently, a staff member from Investments Limited took me to purchase car-detailing equipment to start my business. Jim has arranged for me to offer the service to his employees. No one has ever shown love to me like this man. Mr. B. gave me my dignity back. I feel like a human— a man— a productive citizen by earning a living. I am grateful to Christ for bringing Jim, Investments Limited volunteers, the HOME Program, and First United Methodist Church into my life.
John C.
It has been such a pleasure leasing our clinic space from Investments Limited. They have been helpful with repairing the items we requested to have updated. But what has impressed me most is the way Mr. Jim Batmasian, along with the IL team, supports our mission through their tenant-member marketing platform and by personally spreading the word that laser therapy is a viable and effective alternative treatment for many painful conditions. Mr. Batmasian has sent dozens of family members, tenants and friends to receive laser therapy treatments at our clinic. One of the many things we appreciate about him, is the IL tenant-member network platform that refers services among all his tenants. Mr. B. also has a huge heart and assists countless people in need, such as the homeless and disadvantaged. What a blessing to have such a caring landlord!
Leslie C.
I’ve been part of the Investments Limited family for almost seven years. I started out, while in high school, as a part-time receptionist, and then moved my way up into property management during my first year of college. Due to unforeseen life- changing events, I dropped out of college in my second year. Right around that time, I was introduced to Mr. Batmasian at one of our weekly meetings, known as the famous “Wednesday Meetings”. Mr. Batmasian apparently saw something in me that I never could. With his constant guidance and support, I was able to get my real estate license, and he helped me grow and succeed within his company. He has been an exceptional mentor in my life. Like Mr. B says to all, “it’s like sitting at a Harvard University class getting hands on training!” His kindness, and willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom, while listening closely, are all qualities that I’ve learned and benefited from. He always goes above and beyond to help others find their purpose in life. Thanks to him, I went back to College, and I’ll be graduating from FAU as a Florida Certified Paralegal this winter. His constant support has been invaluable for me and all my family. Coming from a family of little means and being a Mexican-American single mother has not always been easy; however, God placed the Batmasians in my life and it has guided me to the right path in becoming a professional businesswoman. They are truly an inspiration and I am proud to be part of the Investments Limited family.
Lesly M.
I have known Mr. B for almost 30 years and he has been a father- figure and personal life coach. I have vivid memories of our fun times together, along with Marta and his two sons, Armen & Jimmy. We met at St David’s Armenian Church and spent many Sundays together. He drove us kids to tennis & baseball games— and encouraged us to participate in youth sports and community service. We spent countless hours volunteering at Propel, a charity that Mr. B. founded, to help at- risk youth. He not only donated money, but took the time to mentor students. Mr B has a relentless approach to family, business & community—he has a high standard for himself and others. He strives to do his best & encourages others to strive for success. I achieved high levels of success in my life because Mr. B. believed in me, gave me opportunities and spoke words of affirmation--even at moments when I lost hope in myself. For example, in my early 20’s, I encountered a very challenging time when I was feeling completely devastated. I had a personal life crisis and hit rock bottom. Jim learned of my situation and immediately helped me. He gave me a job at IL. This life- changing opportunity provided me with training and experience to re-create myself. I absorbed all of the daily grind. That experience was the driving force that lead me to my current career in the construction industry. IL gave me a platform to succeed. I don’t know where I would be without Mr & Mrs B. always encouraging me, believing in me and pushing me forward. 30 years later, their influence and spirit of excellence remains strong.
Ara G.
I started as an intern at Investments Limited. I had recently moved to Boca Raton from Philly and did not know many people. I met Mr. B and he offered me a chance to learn from the Marketing team as a summer intern. Starting off with no prior business experience, I expected to do basic tasks like buying coffee and answering phones. Ha! Not a chance. It has been an opportunity of a lifetime. The management team believed in me and assigned me challenging responsibilities. I worked hard and have grown professionally through this experience. As a result, I am a full -time employee learning new skills every day. It is an exciting & vibrant place to work. My experience at Investments Limited has taught me insight into the real estate industry; I aspire to be a future property owner & investor. The Investments Limited team has become an extension of my family- I am best friends with my coworkers, I love the Boca lifestyle because I feel that I belong in a thriving, fast paced community. I owe it all to the Batmasians for graciously embracing me into their organization. I want to thank them for the opportunity and I look forward to growing here!
Maegan R.
As a native of Boca Raton, I have known the Batmasian family for most of my adult life. Jim and Marta take an altruistic approach to Real Estate Ownership. Their business model is to beautify existing properties for long -term investment, not to resell. Their strategy is to renovate existing plazas to attract both national chains and local merchants as long- term tenants. They upgrade shopping centers without adding additional square footage and increase property values within the city. As an architect, I have had the privilege of working on IL projects, such as 5th Avenue Shoppes, and 40 other renovation projects within the City of Boca Raton over the past decade. It is exciting to be a part of the transformation of Boca as a result of IL projects. The Batmasians' business strategy benefits the entire community-- small business owners, tenants, locals and tourists because it improves the patron experience and makes Boca Raton a premier destination to live, work and play. As a long time vendor, tenant and friend of the Batmasian family, I can attest that they are not developers, but rather "community builders" who have been an intricate part of the success of South Florida!
Douglas M.
I have been in the valet parking business for most of my adult life. In 2011, Mr B approached me to provide my valet services for one shopping center that he owned in Boca. This single encounter launched my company by connecting me to countless other valet opportunities which has resulted in signing major contracts and achieving steady, sustainable growth. I am so grateful to work with the Investments Limited team. It has been a great partnership! For as accomplished as Mr. Batmasian is, he takes the time to guide and mentor young entrepreneurs like myself. He wears his heart on his sleeve and genuinely desires for others to have a chance to create their own personal success through his extensive real estate network. Mr. B is a true connector who cares for his employees, tenants, vendors and community. My company provides a red-carpet level of guest service at over 40 South Florida restaurants and establishments located within IL shopping centers. Mr. B desires for tourists and locals to have a positive experience when they visit IL shopping plazas. His goal is to create a favorable first & last impression when patrons enter and exit IL shopping centers. As a result of our partnership, the entire community benefits. Efficient, reliable valet eliminates parking stress in downtown, which promotes new & repeat customers. The Batmasians are thought leaders who exemplify excellence. They are my best clients and some of my favorite people.
Lee P.
I’ve been working for IL for over six months. I have a stable job with an amazing boss, Donald Anderson, who brings out the very best in me. I was a Homeless Alcoholic for over 4 years. I felt depressed. I was raised in a single parent household and then my mother passed away. I fought depression for most of my adult life and was self-medicating to relieve the deep sorrow. Alcohol controlled me and lead me down a path of suffering. One day, I made a life changing decision to enter rehab. Mr. Batmasian hired me once I completed a treatment program. Donald keeps me on track, supervises and coaches me. Mr. Batmasian is a great human being. He has a heart of gold and sees no race, color, or creed. He connects with people from all walks of life and is the greatest inspiration. He helps people! I don’t know of many men who schedule the time to care for homeless people. Mr. B. is the real deal. If I could take a bullet for this man, I would. He changes so many lives. He is always consistent. He always shows up. He is a total blessing. I look forward to grow and advance with the company and pass along the Inspiration to others who are struggling. I thank Mr. B and Mr. Don, and the pastor of the HOME program. The community effort helps folks like me turn their life around. HOME is a noble cause. The purpose is not just to feed folks. It cares for people—emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. People need support to be productive citizens. I hope others will catch the vision. I thank God that Jim helped to co-found the organization and remains an active leader. I am very grateful for a second chance at life.
Robert J.
I’m from a small town near the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania and have been happily married for 28 years. I’m the proud parent of four sons and a daughter. I served in the United States Marine Corps and enjoy sports and camping. In the past I have had the opportunity to work for two other large rental companies. After applying at Investments Limited and being hired, I truly did not understand what Jim Batmasian and his family would ever mean to me as an employee. To date, the experiences I have had at Investments Limited are by far the most rewarding and appreciated. I had the opportunity to start my career with Mr. Batmasian at a single property. I quickly learned that when you work hard at Investments Limited you get rewarded. After a year, I was promoted to Maintenance Supervisor on the residential side of Investments Limited. I have been able to put forth ideas and methods for making our maintenance team, I feel, one of the best around. After witnessing what Mr. Batmasian and his family do for the community, I am amazed. As the company continues to grow, I’m excited to be part of and help maintain the sense of “family” that is evident.
Mark F.
For the last 30 years, we have been parishioners and friends helping our community. I have been serving on the Parish Council, and it is a fast-growing church that we take great pride in since Armenian life revolves around the church. James Batmasian has been a pillar of our church and community. He was one of the original godfathers of our church and served on the building committee. He has not just provided financial support for our daily operations, but has also initiated programs to help the needy. He tries to locate jobs for those in need, calling all of his friends personally, and arranges personal loans for people, knowing that they won't be able to pay him back. He is a true cornerstone holding our parish together. On a personal level, I am grateful to him for his assistance to me and my wife during the tragedy we experienced. We lost our only son, at the age of 25, under tragic circumstances. The support of our church family kept us going. The Batmasians’ support during this period stands out and will stay with us throughout our entire lives. The large cross monument, Khatchkar, was erected in front of the church, in our son's memory, with the assistance and encouragement of Jim Batmasian.
Armen M.
I want to thank you for my wonderful home. Without you, it would not have been possible and I would not have had the opportunity to attend such great schools. I am so happy to have my own room where I can study, work on the computer, read, play my music, and do so many other things. You have really made it possible for me to have a wonderful life, and I will always be grateful to you for that. I will continue to do my best in school and life, and make you and my family proud of me. I was very excited to be in the newspaper but, more importantly, I hope that my story will inspire other parents of autistic children who may not realize that kids like us have lots of potential, just like everyone else. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.
Cameron M.
When Jim moved to Florida I had, on many occasions, asked him to help on worthwhile projects. He was always ready and willing to be of assistance. He helped the Wheelchair Foundation send over 3,000 new wheelchairs to underprivileged children in Armenia, free of charge. I was responsible for the distribution of the wheelchairs on several trips abroad. Jim was always ready to help people in the community who needed employment. Whenever a citizen of the community had a problem, or was in a state of desperation, he never refused to aid that person. I can remember when the St. David’s Church of Boca Raton was exploring the possibility of building a complex for senior citizens on its property. Jim offered his assistance and his staff to conduct feasibility studies, and paid for architectural designs and other services, all at no cost to the church community.·Jim has changed many people's lives in the community for the better. He is a humble, generous man who is cognizant of the needs of those less fortunate members of our community. I am proud to call him my friend.
Carl Z.
I was an Eagle Scout many years ago and the following passage was on the wall of the chapel at the summer camp, and I have never forgotten it. "There is no limit to the amount of good that a man can do if he doesn't care who gets the credit." Throughout my life I have met only a few men who could truly exemplify the character that passage describes. Most men with intentions of good will wish their names on plaques or libraries so everyone will know of their generosity and stature. I submit that the list of men who help others without regard for recognition is short. Without any hesitation, I would like to tell you that Jim Batmasian is on the top of that list in our town. I am a better man as a result of knowing Jim Batmasian and can introduce you to at least 30 at-risk youth who would tell you how “Mr. B" has been instrumental in their lives when they needed guidance, encouragement and love.
Scott W.
Over the decades that I have known Mr. Batmasian, I have been with him on many occasion and witnessed his extraordinary commitment to his community, church and numerous charities. I am familiar with the organization he established to assist youth in the Boca Raton area, and have observed him first-hand working with these youths. He has often shared with me his hope that through his time and resources, he can help troubled youth lead productive lives. Mr. Batmasian is someone who is deeply committed to affording opportunities to those in need. He has repeatedly displayed in my presence an extraordinary sense of humanity.
Gary G.
Mr. Batmasian is my hero and my husband's hero. He has taught us so much about the importance of commitment and remembering those who need mentorship, understanding, and time. He has helped to guide and chart a course for so many minorities in our community who would otherwise be imprisoned or on the streets with nothing to lose. Our community is much improved in that these individuals are now in schools and programs rather than becoming wards of our working community. I also am very honored to say that I feel he is one of most selfless individuals that I have ever met. He is giving and still he is humble. He is prayerful and he is appreciative. His protégées are taught how to strengthen themselves and thrive. I would have to say that if there was a humanitarian award to be given, he would definitely receive it.
Linda J.
For over 25 years, I was a successful , clean & sober Texas business man with a beautiful family and active in Christian ministry. In 2005, I was a multimillionaire who appeared to have it all. My financial success put me in a very social, indulgent environment, and I picked up my first drink. In a short time, I was in full-fledged addiction to drugs and alcohol that created a total loss of my family, finances business and ministry. By 2014, in a suicidal state, I checked into a mental hospital in South Florida and was sent to How House for recovery. In a state of brokenness and hopelessness, God showed up! I lived at the The Lords Place and met Mr. B. at Hughes Park in Boca where he often goes to support the homeless. I believe this encounter with him was a “divine appointment”—a moment that positively changed my destiny for the better. Mr. B. listened to my story. It did not take him long to tell me that he believed in me and was going to give me a second chance to prove myself. Mr. B., without hesitation, called his manager and hired me on the spot as a security officer for Investments Limited. The job is a total blessing by providing structure, stability and accountability which has allowed me to grow into the person that I am today. God used the kindness of Jim & Marta Batmasian to mentor me. As a result of their support, I built trust among the IL team. After only six months, I was promoted to a Commercial Property Manager. On October 2019, I celebrated 5 years in recovery. I am eternally grateful to Christ for bringing the Batmasian family into my life. They are true leaders who exhibit the most extravagant generosity and use their company as a platform to bring success to others. Investments Limited is a family run and operated company that cares for their employees and tenants. I now use my free time, treasures and talents to encourage others in need by supporting Changing Lives of Boca Raton, Inc & other community non profits.
Donald A.
The James & Marta, Jimmy, Armen Batmasian legacy will shine on from generation to generation. This family is real, living a true life to humbly serve others. In 2008, I decided to leave behind an 18 year successful RN career to serve the Lord on a full-time basis, opening an exclusive Christian bookstore with the primary intention to help orphans. I became a tenant of Investments Limited, Inc., for a monthly fee of around $1378 at 2236 N. Dixie Highway, Boca Raton, for 6 years. Just about 3 months into the lease, things were getting harder and harder, although my faith was going stronger. Some months I could only afford to pay $50 or even less and worse. I became homeless, secretly sleeping on the back of the counter. Instead of kicking me out, the Batmasians honored me, invited me out to dine, encouraged my resilience, coached me for network events, handed out many gift certificates to me, free advertising etc. They even bought many Bibles in order to patronize “Jardin Spiritual Bookstore” to donate to homeless people. The Batmasians were so devoted to my cause that I felt embarrassed most of the time by their empathy that was so undeserved to me. In 2014, financially drained, I decided to go back to Haiti after 32 years living in the States. I then opened an orphanage, and to honor the family legacy, I took the liberty without permission to call it “Batmasian Orphanage”, where I have been since serving many helpless and hopeless orphans. I can never repay this angelic family all I owe, but today, I humbly present this modest bouquet that I assembled from the deepest membranes of my grateful heart. May God continue to protect and sustain the Batmasian family! May this family keep on walking in the blessings from generation to generation! Praise God!

Nuella Joseph, RN
I was a tenant at Investments Limited, owning a restaurant, Mobu in east Boca. Through the leasing process, I got to meet Mr. Batmasian who was very fair, helpful and caring. In addition, IL offered me marketing ideas, resources, invitations to networking events and marketing dollars to help my business succeed. The Batmasians’ and IL employees patronized my restaurant and invited others to dine there. After speaking with several staff members, I learned how charitable Jim & Marta are, through Propel and HOME, non profit organizations that they support. The Batmasians not only founded these non profits but also take an active role in helping the most vulnerable people, that most in society turn their backs on. The fact that the Batmasians have not sought publicity for their charitable endeavors is a testament to their heart and character.
Bruce S.
I have known the Batmasian family for decades. They are clients, community leaders and dear friends. As founders of Investments Limited, they have set the bar of excellence in residential and commercial real estate portfolios within South Florida and Boston. I believe it is their caring culture of supporting small businesses and creating long-term community relationships that contribute to the residents of Boca that is the driving force behind their unparalleled success. They are true examples of servant leaders. I enjoy serving as a Board Member at PROPEL, a charity founded by the Batmasians, which benefits at-risk children by providing mentorship, tutoring and college scholarships.
Michael D.
One of the most heart-warming and endearing acts of grace and kindness is to witness someone giving of themselves, without thought for applause or acceptance. I have been blessed to witness this with Jim Batmasian. He and his graceful bride, Marta, do more amazing things for the community of Boca Raton and surrounding areas than I could list. Giving from the heart in every arena: homelessness, food drives, church, health, wellness, ensuring their commercial tenants will succeed, and giving solid foundational business advice. These are the marks of true leaders, people who work with and for others to create change within a community. They are sharp business leaders and ever present philanthropists. Boca Raton is a better place to live because of Jim and Marta Batmasian
Faith W.
I’ve known the Batmasian family for over a decade and can attest to their tireless commitment to excellence in business and community service. As a former commercial tenant with Investments Limited, I had a very positive experience dealing with the IL property management team. When I had a maintenance request, Mr. Batmasian, the owner, made himself available to address my concerns and accommodated my situation to the best of his ability. He works directly with his tenants to “problem solve” and find win-win solutions for their success. In addition, Marta & I are both members of Junior League of Boca Raton and serve on the Woman Volunteer Of the Year Committee. In 1997, Marta was the recipient of this prestigious award. She has served as Chair Host and led all aspects of this signature event which hosts over 1000 attendees and raises needed funds which are disbursed to non profit partners. Marta is a pillar in our community and also graciously celebrates the success of others. Boca Raton is a better community as a direct result of decades of effort, care and contributions from Marta and Jim Batmasian.
Suzanne B.
Marta and Jim Batmasian give boundlessly of their time, effort and money to any person or cause with a need. They lead by example, and have inspired me, personally, to be a stand for others without judgement. Their company, Investments Limited, has increased the values of all real estate in Boca Raton, employs hundreds, and fills in every gap not provided for by the public sector. Boca Raton wouldn’t be Boca without them, and I am so proud to call them my friends.
Michael L.
I am continually amazed by the level of commitment and dedication to the organization that I see in the Batmasian Family exhibit. My manager, Jimmy Batmasian, is a great leader and mentor. He does an excellent job guiding the Boca Residential team. His knowledge, enthusiasm and support make it a pleasure to go to work every day. It is a fun, caring team environment. Not only is the IL management team successful in real estate, it is quite touching to see their philanthropic involvement in the community. Jim and Marta Batmasian demonstrate authentic leadership and encourage the IL employees to serve. They lead by example. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Investments Limited team.
Sheena L.
Opening a business in Boca Raton means shopping around for the best deals, and the most attractive locations to lease. It’s impossible to avoid considering Investments Limited as they manage the best real estate portfolio by far. They’ve got locations all over town – nobody has preserved the charm of Boca Raton more than the Batmasian family. I got my best deals through them and they always went out of the way to make me feel appreciated as a tenant. One of my units was adjacent to the maintenance crew’s unit and what impressed me most about them was how loyal, hardworking, and happy they were employed by Investments Limited.
Jason P.
I met Mr. Batmasian at HOME charity. He walked into the clothing room, where I was fitting homeless people, preparing them for job interviews. I asked him if he needed clothes and he politely declined and walked away. I was quickly informed that Mr. B was not homeless; he was a successful business man and tireless volunteer. Although it sounds silly to mention, I believe it depicts his humble nature. He engages and interacts with others in an authentic way that makes people feel accepted. Mr. Batmasian is not arrogant; he is a gentleman with an empathetic heart. He takes the time to listen and remembers specific details. As a strategic thinker, he formulates an individualized plan for each person based upon their circumstances and guides them through the complexities of life to meet their goal of self-sufficiency. Marta & Jim leverage their real estate to bless the community. They have been actively involved in transforming the lives of countless people for decades. By improving the landscape of Boca Raton, increasing property values, promoting tourism, and providing jobs and resources, they are aspirational leaders. They exhibit a servants’ heart – which keeps them tirelessly committed to progress in business and philanthropy. They could be relaxing, or retired but remain driven to causes near & dear to their heart. It is common for media to taint a negative twist to highly successful people. Yet, when I witness these leaders in action, quietly and diligently serving the most vulnerable, I hold a high level of respect and admiration for them.
Candace R.
For over 25 years, I was a successful , clean & sober Texas business man with a beautiful family and active in Christian ministry. In 2005, I was a multimillionaire who appeared to have it all. My financial success put me in a very social, indulgent environment, and I picked up my first drink. In a short time, I was in full-fledged addiction to drugs and alcohol that created a total loss of my family, finances business and ministry. By 2014, in a suicidal state, I checked into a mental hospital in South Florida and was sent to How House for recovery. In a state of brokenness and hopelessness, God showed up! I lived at the The Lords Place and met Mr. B. at Hughes Park in Boca where he often goes to support the homeless. I believe this encounter with him was a “divine appointment”—a moment that positively changed my destiny for the better. Mr. B. listened to my story. It did not take him long to tell me that he believed in me and was going to give me a second chance to prove myself. Mr. B., without hesitation, called his manager and hired me on the spot as a security officer for Investments Limited. The job is a total blessing by providing structure, stability and accountability which has allowed me to grow into the person that I am today. God used the kindness of Jim & Marta Batmasian to mentor me. As a result of their support, I built trust among the IL team. After only six months, I was promoted to a Commercial Property Manager. In October 2018, I will celebrate 4 years in recovery. I am eternally grateful to Christ for bringing the Batmasian family into my life. They are true leaders who exhibit the most extravagant generosity and use their company as a platform to bring success to others. Investments Limited is a family run and operated company that cares for their employees and tenants. I now use my free time, treasures and talents to encourage others in need by supporting HOME Ministry & other community non profits.
Donald A.
I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint. The best way to achieve success is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service. Mr. & Mrs. Batmasian love people and they use their real estate, Investments Limited, as a platform to bless others. They build communities where people reside, conduct business, have fun and enjoy a high quality of life. As an international real estate investor, I initially met the Batmasians for business. Not only did they share real estate insights, and mentor me, they also demonstrated inspirational leadership. I have witnessed the time and dedication that they offer to the Boca community which has truly impacted me and inspired my family. As a result of their influence, I am a proud supporter and volunteer of HOME, a non profit co-founded by the Batmasians which provides support & resources to support the homeless community.
Peter B.
I’ve known the Batmasian family for over a decade as we have served on various charitable committees. I feel a bond with them because we share the same faith & passion to help people. I find it fascinating that although the family has reached high levels of business success through Investments Limited, they use their fortune to bless others. They are intrinsically involved in serving at-risk people and relate to the struggles of the average person. For example, I have seen Mrs. B. cleaning up after a PROPEL Children's’ charity event at 10pm. Mr. B. sacrifices his time working tirelessly, behind the scenes, to serve the most disadvantaged of our society. On any given day, Mr. B. can be found providing transportation, food, shelter, medical and jobs for the homeless--giving them dignity --so that they become contributors to our society. Mr. and Mrs. Batmasian are truly an inspiration to mankind!
Farris B.
I have a privilege to know James and Marta Batmasian for more than 28 years. A couple of many virtues and talents, I have come across with them as one of the most outstanding members of the Armenian Church in America. For many years, Marta has served in various capacities at the Diocese of the Armenian Church in NY City, and in parishes in Boston and Boca Raton, Fl. Her leadership skills, faith and care for needy people made her indispensable in many endeavors of the Armenian communities and well beyond in the US and abroad. For the last 10 years, Marta put in services a gift bestowed on him by God, and served on the Board of Directors of the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) – one of the leading international charities that supports independent Republic of Armenia to become free and democratic country, reaching out to people in need far away from the USA. Being a transformative leader, Marta not only generously sponsored, but also helped FAR to develop and implement multiple projects giving underprivileged people hope for dignified life. The very latest example if the Batmasian Family’s magnanimous gift that would support the development a state-of-the-art Vocational Training Center for Handicapped Children, which would expand FAR’s care and commitment to helping one of the most neglected segments of Armenia’s children during a critical time of their growth and self-discovery. The multiple projects FAR and the Diocese have developed under their guidance and with their generous support are focused on preserving values, creating a culture of decency, responsibility, and compassion. We are so fortunate to have parishioners like James and Marta Batmasian. Their compassion goes beyond usual, they want to make a world a better place, make real differences in the lives of people. As true philanthropists, they impacted thousands of lives directly and indirectly: whether reaching out to the children at risk, or inspiring someone to start a business, or assisting an underprivileged talented kid to complete a higher education, or simply listening to someone’s dreams and trying to empower him or her to be able to make it a reality. They are well recognized in their communities as caring and giving people. Marta has contributed to a number of local charities addressing women’s problems, or supported arts and music. James has a special place in his heart for the most vulnerable children. Marta is a person whose kindness and generosity knows no boundaries. One, who inspires not only through her generosity, but also through her actions, her attention to details, her generosity in sharing her wisdom, her desire to bring up good in people, help them realize their inner potential and talents. This couple has a natural desire to improve the welfare of anyone around them. They embody the meaning of philanthropy in their very being.
Archbishop Khajag Barsamian
I am a minister for Breaking the Chain Outreach Street Ministry which represents Pearl City- Lincoln Court and Dixie Manor Housing Project in Boca. I created a Community Youth Basketball Team & Cheerleading Team called Pearl City Panthers. I am truly grateful to Mr. Batmasian who donated the uniforms for our 8- week summer program that is led by FAU students. Mr. B. takes the time to listen to people and connects with them with the intention to improve their quality of life, and to contribute in some way. Because of his large real estate portfolio, people may assume he is greedy. Yet, he has a huge heart and is the epitome of an immigrant achieving the American dream. He started out with $25 and completed an ivy league education with high levels of success due to the sweat of his own brow. The Bible says that “man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.” Mr. B reminds me of a modern-day King David. David was known for his courage, loyalty, faith & success. David made mistakes but was known as a man after God’s own Heart. Mr. Batmasian is a gracious man of God, with a generous heart, who gives tirelessly to the community and extends a second chance to those less fortunate. I thank God for Mr. Batmasian and I am proud to call him a friend in Christ.
Minister Charles Cocklin
Two years ago, I met Mr. Batmasian and he offered me a chance to prove myself by giving me a commercial building to clean. I gave my best effort and from there, I have secured many other IL commercial cleaning contracts. I have learned so much through this experience and it is a great blessing to work with Mr. B and the IL property management team. I have been consistently building my business and I am totally self- sufficient, discovering new opportunities to learn and grow. As a small business owner and a single-mother raising two daughters, it is not easy to grow a business and obtain new contracts. I work very hard to ensure excellent cleaning standards. I am very grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Batmasian for the opportunity to serve their properties. They are great leaders who care about people. Through their support, I have overcame many challenges and I am very grateful to work as a vendor, for Investments Limited commercial team.
Jenny S.
I have been working at Investments Limited since July of 2018. I am very grateful and elated to be working for a company of such high caliber, and in an environment filled with high energy and vibrancy. The corporate culture is friendly, honest, caring, with a go-getter mentality. I am always busy with work that I personally find challenging as well as stimulating. Mr. and Mrs. Batmasian are great employers and treat the staff exceptionally well. It is probably the best place I have worked in all my 25 years of employment, and I am truly fortunate to be part of this established and growing enterprise.
Dennis F.
Jim and Marta Batmasian are engaged in many philanthropic endeavors ranging from helping the homeless to creating educational pathways for our financially distressed youth. While their financial support to sustain these non-profits is unparalleled, what speaks larger volumes (to me) is that Jim and Marta personally mentor these individuals to live and sustain a healthy lifestyle physically, spiritually and financially. Unfortunately, society hasn't always lent a hand to people that suffer from poverty, addiction or other afflictions. Jim and Marta not only lend a hand but they wrap their arms around these individuals and provide the compassion that so many struggling people need. It doesn't end there, Jim has been tirelessly advocating for homeless people to re-enter the workforce and personally provides second chances for these individuals. Marta is a crusader for providing top quality educational portals for underserved students in hopes of them attending university. The Batmasians' do so much for so many simply because they believe it is a responsibility and privilege to help those that need a little extra love. Jim and Marta - Thank you for making our community better and thank you for your passion and compassion for those that need it most!
Greg F.
I have known Jim and Marta Batmasian since 1985., and they have championed so many causes in our community. After Hurricane Katrina, the Junior League of Boca Raton wanted to find a way to help hurricane victims. Jim and Marta helped to found BUR (Boca United Relief and offered to provide free housing for six months for over 15 families, which was a tremendous commitment. Their generosity allowed these individuals to get back on their feet, and they went on to become productive members of our community. This is but one example of the outstanding, caring, work they been responsible for in our community.
Debbie A.
I have known Mr. Batmasian since 2003, and met him when he gave me the opportunity to work for him in his Property Management Department doing permitting. At the time he hired me, I was going through some major personal difficulties. Despite that, he constantly kept up with my progress, encouraged me, gave me books to read to help improve my life and, above all, was a real mentor for me. Words cannot begin to describe the impact he has had on my life. Because of him, I am a whole person with a present and a future, and he also gave me the gift of having church in my life. Without his constant mentoring and advice, I would not be the man I am today. Instead of having a negative outlook on life, I now have a positive one and am proud to say I am considered an asset to my company. To say that he has changed my life is a tremendous understatement. He helped me find my life, and for that I am truly grateful.
Edward C.
I am Internal Medicine physician in Delray Beach, Florida, who was forced to relocate from New Orleans in August 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Batmasian kindly provided me, and many other hurricane victims, with free shelter and furnishings for a six-month period. During that time, he also assisted us to obtain job placements and receive community support. The genuine, selfless, kindness shown by Mr. Batmasian was a tremendous lift during a time of desperate struggle and need, and was also a true inspiration to me to continue in my own work to help others as much as possible.
Delia W.
Mr. Batmatsian has not only been my Landlord, he has been a life savior to my family. Mr. Batmasian’s good heart saw past my prior conviction record and accepted me and my wife as his tenant. Moreover, during hard times such as Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, Mr. Batmasian protected my family by ensuring we had what we needed to get through such a nightmare. My wife and I both lost our jobs due to the damage created by Hurricane Wilma. Mr. Batmasian actually employed both my wife and I to ensure we had a means of income to be able to pay our common bills such as car payments and rent. Other landlords would have demanded their rent and thrown us out on the streets not caring. During my financial recovery from Katrina and then Wilma, many times I had to delay payment of rent to Mr. Batmasian. He could always look past money and see the person/people's needs first.
Erick D.
I have known James Batmasian since 1969. He impressed me greatly as a gentleman, being very active in the total life of the community and witness to the church. Another dominant expression of his character is that he has excelled himself in philanthropic spirit and generosity by way of love and charity. He has the habit of giving unasked. The joy of giving summarizes what life for him is all about. Practically every organization in the community has been the recipient of his financial contributions. Even university students have been supported by Mr. Batmasian in meeting their financial obligations. His financial commitments to poor families and orphans are but another manifestation of his kindness, compassion, and humanness. He is always mindful in spreading a love and caring attitude to everyone. On a personal note, in July 1955, because of a diving accident I severed my spinal cord and am confined to a wheelchair. James and Marta would often come to my house to give a most needed helping hand to my late mother and myself. In spite of my obstacles I completed my university education, earning a Master s Degree in Music and a PH.D. in Theology., and Jim provided me with the transportation.
Father Oshagan Minassian
Jim is an enigma, a man who has amassed an empire of real estate and continues to work six days a week. Yet he freely acknowledges that he loves what he does and does not want or need money. He continues to donate large sums to charities and cultural concerns, and devotes much of his time to helping others. He wears simple clothes, has driven the same car for years, and owns no planes, vacation homes, or other extravagances. He loves to golf and play the piano. Somehow, when you think he's crazy, without notice or desire for profit, he quietly slips into your life and graciously gives his guidance and love. And then, one beautiful morning, you look back over more than two decades and all you can think is thank you, Jim. May God bless you and your wonderful family.
Robert S.
I have known Jim Batmasian for years. He and his wife, Marta, were among the very first people my wife and I met upon moving to Florida in 1985. I have seen Jim's business grow along with the city and have watched as Jim himself also grew to a position as a philanthropic leader in the community. Jim has always gone beyond just writing checks and has taken an enthusiastic hands-on approach to helping meet our community’s needs, particularly with respect to underprivileged youth, and I know Jim is particularly proud of PROPEL, a unique program he created to develop employment skills and opportunities for young people. In discussing this program with the City's police chiefs and command staff over the years, I can tell you that the program has contributed to reducing neighborhood crime and breaking the cycle of hopelessness for so many at-risk kids in our community. Gang activity in our DM neighborhood was virtually eliminated when all the gang members joined PROPEL and were too busy being productive to hang out on the streets!
Stuart R.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued help and confidence with helping me progress and do better. Many people do not take the time to help the less fortunate as you are doing. I truly think your efforts will be rewarded & many people do not see all the help & what you do for people like me. It’s difficult to measure the results but I want you to know I’m glad you’re helping me! I am currently in the James Club in Fort Lauderdale, bt trying to relocate closer to my employment with you as I rely on a bike & bus! Please know that I would like to advance myself and do better with you. I am very fortunate to get connected with someone so generous and fair.
Carl M.
When I first met the Batmasians my life was just starting to turn around after being released from prison after 3 ½ years. I started working as a laborer. I wanted so much to change that I worked every day as much as I could until my boss changed my position to head of maintenance. Not knowing anything when I started, I read books and went to school when I could. And that's when the light came on. Mr. Batmasian gave me a chance. He believed in me. Mr. Batmasian and his wife gave me the opportunity of a lifetime by just trusting in me, something that I've never felt from anyone. Mr. Batmasian has empowered me to live right, to love the Lord and. most important, Mr. Batmasian taught me how to love myself. Today I can honestly say I am a changed man, a father, husband, uncle, friend. Thanks to the Lord for putting the Batmasians in my life. There's no way I could ever repay them, so I help others now if I can. In return, I now find that's it's a passion, an honor, and a blessing to serve someone else.
Jim C.

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