Philanthropists James & Marta Batmasian Commit To The Giving Pledge

James Marta Batmasian

For decades, the Batmasian Family have been involved in philanthropy both at home in South Florida and around the world. As their success has continued to increase so has their giving. Private individuals by nature Jim
and Marta Batmasian chose not to publicize their philanthropic giving. In time, their perspective has evolved as both Jim and Marta believe that their giving serves an example to what the rest of the world should be willing to morally partake in just the same; philanthropy. Upon their deaths, most of their assets and wealth will be left to the James H. & Marta T. Batmasian Foundation.

They have two wonderful sons, and three beautiful granddaughters, and hope this pledge will further encourage them to follow this example and undertake their own philanthropic missions.

Jim and Marta currently support over 65 organizations, dedicate their personal time and efforts to a number of nonprofits, including some outside the US, serve on a variety of committees, and sit on the Board of Directors of a number of corporations. Causes near and dear to their hearts include helping youth living in economically depressed areas get an education, with many going on to college, and improving the plight of the homeless.

There is much more to this than just the idea of “philanthropy”, however, and they don’t just write checks. The truth is that you really have to have a “heart” for people. Through their James H and Marta T Batmasian Family Foundation, they donated to recovery and relief efforts for those in the Bahamas region who were significantly affected by devastating Hurricane Dorian, and those in the Gulf Coast region affected by Hurricane Michael. As far back as 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, they relocated well over 30 families from New Orleans to South Florida, gave them rent-free housing, furniture, clothing, food, etc., and helped them find jobs, get their kids in school and virtually rebuild their lives from scratch.

As founders of one of the largest family – owned real estate investment firms in the United States, the Batmasians believe that investment in cultural, educational, nonprofit and recreational endeavors produce healthy and thriving communities that benefit society.

“Neither of us were born into wealth, however our Christian Armenian parents instilled in us a strong work ethic and heightened sense of social responsibility. It is our great honor to provide this giving pledge commitment, wherein we pledge to give much of our wealth to community enrichment causes both during our present lives and beyond, so that together we can share in leaving the world a better place than when we entered it.” – James H. & Marta T. Batmasian