Investments Limited announces “Tenant Networking Program”

Investments Limited is excited to announce a new program to help our tenants get to know each other, build relationships and, hopefully, do business together.

We have well over 2,000 tenants and are offering you the opportunity to promote your business to all of them at no cost to you.  This is an excellent, FREE opportunity to get your message in front of an additional 2,000+ people in your area.  Take advantage of this built-in networking group with people you already have something in common with: you are all part of the Investments Limited Family of tenants.

We will be sending out monthly newsletters, as well as creating a Facebook group –, which will allow you promote yourself to your fellow business tenants.

To take advantage of this opportunity, all you need to do is send whatever special offers/promotions you would like us to include in the newsletter via email to: no later than the 10th of the month prior to when you would like to begin the promotion.  This means if you are offering something beginning September 1st, you need to send it to by August 10th.  Space is limited, so to make sure everyone is included please keep your promotion brief.

We remain committed to the success of our tenants and are excited to implement this new program.