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There are more reasons to move to Florida than ever before.

Looking for a better climate for business and quality of life?

International culture, lower crime rates, increasing property values, A-rated schools, top universities, lower taxes, and a incomparable way of life.
This is Florida. Find yours.
Relocate your home or business today with the largest privately owned collection of commercial and prime residential properties for lease and rent.

15 Benefits of Living in Palm Beach County.

  • Internationally-Inspired Shopping & Culture
  • Increasing Home Values
  • No State Income Tax
  • Homestead Exemption
  • Top Ranked Education & Universities
  • World-Class Dining
  • Ideal Weather
  • Clean Beaches, Avid Boating & Watersports
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Exceptional Development
  • Beautiful Streetscapes & Parks
  • Low Crime Rates
  • Lower Traffic
  • Consistently Strong Economy
  • Pro Business Climate

CNBC's 'Top States for Business' ranking named Florida As the best economy among all 50 states in America

18 Surprising   Benefits of moving to Florida in 2024

In Miami-Dade, inflation, costly living expenses, crumbling infrastructure, and high tax rates, limited access to quality schools & immense traffic pose serious challenges to your quality of life.

As an international gateway, Florida has become the epicenter of booming economies with its pro-business climate, A-rated schools, top-ranked universities, and abundant amenities, and exceptional weather nearly 365 days of the year. Consider the alternative… To live, work, and thrive where you vacation.

Besides our booming economy, Florida continues to have ZERO income taxes.

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Moving to Palm Beach County & North Broward County is an increasing trend.

By moving or expanding your home or business to Florida, you can achieve true work-life balance in the state that’s known for great weather, recreation, and culture. Florida has consistently ranked among the best states for business, thanks to its pro-business state tax policies, international ports, competitive cost of doing business, and streamlined regulatory environment. Equally important is ensuring that you and your family will be happy making the move, and we believe Investments Limited can be of valuable service to you on both a professional and personal level.

Investments Limited is one of the country’s largest, privately-owned real estate investment, ownership, development, and leasing organizations, with a geographically diversified portfolio of commercial, vacation, and residential properties. This year marks our 50th year serving south Florida. We are family-owned and operated which allows our team to provide personal service and custom solutions for our tenants. Today, Investments Limited’s $3.5 Billion portfolio of residential as well as retail, warehouse, office, hospitality and commercial properties presents the ideal opportunity to find the ideal location for your business or family.

With over 3,800 residences on the water, downtown, in quiet neighborhoods or vibrant communities – our vast collection features townhomes, single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, and studios to choose from. As owners AND managers of our properties, we are able to be flexible with our leasing terms to suit your immediate and future living and business needs. There’s something for every lifestyle and budget.

When you’re ready to make your move, give us a call. We make moving easy with our short- and long-term leases in addition to furnished or unfurnished residences; or you can opt for a brief stay in one of our premium vacation rentals.

Contact us today and explore the possibilities. We’re here to help you find your Florida.

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