Big Welcome to Our Newest Tenant

We would like to introduce and give a big welcome to our newest tenant, Jimmy C’s Italian Deli & Market located in 3571 N Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33431! Be sure to visit this restaurant and try out their different menu items.

Their Story: How Jimmy C’s began

Jimmy C’s Italian Deli & Market was born to honor Jimmy and his love for Italian food. In 1950, Jimmy met his wife in Brooklyn, NY and they had two daughters, Rita and Connie. Later, they all moved to Florida in 1973. Luckily, this was a positive change in their lives because it is where Connie and Rita met their husbands. Being that Jimmy’s daughters grew up in an Italian family with historical traditions, many food recipes were created throughout the years. Jimmy loved his wife’s cooking and would always speak about the great flavors. Rita and Connie felt honored to receive such treasured recipes, in order to be able to create those dishes again. Now they want to share their family’s love of food with others. 

What they Offer:

Their menu is quite varied with many different options to choose from. All of their sandwiches are made with Boars head meats, fresh bread, and cheese. Additionally, they have many homemade alternatives that will keep you coming back for more! Visit their menu to see what you would like to order! 

Big Welcome to Our Newest Tenant

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