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Investments Limited is one of the country’s premier real estate investment, ownership, development, operations, management and leasing organizations. We own a geographically diversified portfolio of commercial properties and residential communities.

Privately owned and operated from our headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida with a satellite office in Boston, Massachusetts, we own and manage approximately 3,800 apartments and over 3 Million sq ft of commercial income properties in and around the South Florida and Boston areas.

The operation of our portfolio is driven by a simple philosophy: to make each of our properties the most compelling and best place that it can be. We focus on constantly enhancing the properties through our management, marketing, leasing and development efforts, and consistently look to develop initiatives that are designed to provide a more hospitable and sophisticated environment.

Since moving its headquarters to Boca Raton over 25 years ago, Investments Limited has become a cornerstone of the community and actively supports the numerous organizations that make South Florida a wonderful place in which to live, work and play. Knowing that corporate investment and re-investment in an area’s cultural, educational, non-profit, government and recreational components produces a healthy and thriving business environment, along with the well-being of its citizens, Investments Limited underwrites and lends unwavering support to a wide variety of local causes.

Investments Limited maintains a keen sense of “total” community development, acting as proactive stewards on city, state and federal governing issues as they relate to its geographical concentration. Serving as business development and citizen advocates, to protect and enrich the communities in which it does business, Investments Limited conducts formal and informal local and federal lobbying, actively participates in open town meetings, and is vocally present at city council meetings to offer support on key issues and political platforms.

Investment Limited is privately-owned real estate, investment, development, operation management, and leasing organization. We own a uniquely diversified portfolio of strategically located commercial and residential income properties.

After over 4 decades in business, we can look back with pride and inspiration at the accomplishment of our firm, a journey that began in 1970 with $500 down payment to purchase a $20,000 three-family home near Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. In a just a few years, the portfolio grew to include several multifamily properties within proximity of each other.

In November 1983, we moved to Boca Raton deciding to invest in the south Florida market. For the last 31 years, we focused on acquiring, developing and managing properties in South Florida and Massachusetts, expanding our real estate portfolio to include retail, office, industrial, mixed-use and residential buildings. Adhering to a strict and consistent “Buy and Hold” philosophy, our portfolio now consists of thousands of residentials units as well as over 3 million square feet of commercial space.

Privately owned and operated from our headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, with 6 satellite offices, our business expertise, experience, tenacity and vision, coupled with our commitment to our clients, enables us to accomplish our mission of conservative expansion.

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meet the founders, the family behind the investments limited 50+ YEAR legacy OF COMMUNITY AND GIVING BACK

Self-managed and steadfast in achieving excellence in all aspects of the commercial real estate industry, we raise the bar on tenant satisfaction, with innovative and flexible leasing programs, property management efficiency, geographical focus, and redevelopment strategies designed to achieve growth and profitability.

Since, 1970 rather developing new properties, we have continued to primarily purchase existing buildings with the potential for appreciation in value with the application of improved management and marketing procedures.

Similar to our early beginnings in Boston, we have found it best to acquire and expand in areas where supply is hard to increase, and demand is steadily growing. The well-defined strategy of acquiring properties within close proximity of one another enables us to manage, control and increase property values on a much more hands-on basis.

As we move forward, our solid and proven business-growth philosophy, the strength of hands-on management, conservative debt to equity financing, and our serious commitment to our tenants, employees, and the community, will continue to position us exceptionally well for growth and expansion over the course of the next decade.


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From the Batmasian Family Grant to over fifty nonprofit organizations we support; together we help make our communities thrive.

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